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Welcome to one of the world’s foremost business support sites and a leader in supporting all sizes of businesses with information, practical advice & hands-on help from thousands of highly experienced senior executives in over 30 countries globally.

After ‘Business Support International’ was founded in 1977, this website was added to our comprehensive range of business support resources in 1999 to help us bettter communicate with our clients and potential clients worldwide, probably making this one of the longest established and most experienced business support sites in the world and so guaranteeing you some of the most comprehensive high quality business support available globally at the lowest possible cost.

MEED_2016_YearbookRunning any business can be very lonely or even stressful at times, especially as the MD, or business owner and senior directors are always expected to have the solutions to any and all needs of the business at all times and are expected to be experts in every area of business – an impossible expectation!

So if you’re looking for more business, practical advice and support for your business in funding, project finance, financial restructuring, or if you require support & guidance for Marketing, IT Systems, Health & Safety, Quality Systems, Management Training, Extra Sales, Websites, Telecoms, Commercial Insurances, Raw Material or Component Supplies, or anything else required for your business, look through this site, or contact us directly with your request.

Alternatively, if you just need an experienced, mature business executive to talk things through with and bounce ideas off, let us know and we’ll see about getting one of our people to meet up with you for a relaxed, ‘no-obligation‘ meeting.

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