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Accounts & Bookkeeping.

Health & Safety.

Legislative Requirements.


With so much oneus being put onto company legislation, particularly surrounding Health and Safety, Employment Law and many other areas of any business, it’s easy to become confused and find it very difficult, time consuming  and expensive to keep employment records, contracts, health & safety requirements, legal requirements, etc up to date.

Is your businesses Health & Safety manual up to date? Are you aware of the legislative requirements for your business? How would you fare if a Health & Safety inspector suddenly turned up at your premises? What if there was an accident at your premises, would your H&S systems stand up to scrutiny?

Are all your Employment records up to date and does each and every member of staff have a contract which can stand scrutiny and withstand any potential employment tribunal?What if you wanted to sack or lay off any member of staff? Could you do it in a way which will not leave your company open to any law suit or loss in a tribunal?

What about your financial records, bookkeeping, tax obligations, etc.? Would they all stand scrutiny and yet ensure that you’re not paying more than you should in your obligations?

There are so many such worries and issues involved in running a business in the 21st century and many can end up costing a company more than it could afford!

Our various experts will take on any of your services and ensure that you never have to worry or lose sleep about any such potential problems which could end up costing you your company and yet also know that your tax obligations are minimised and you’re not wasting money.

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