The importance of getting your message across in a language and style that is appealing and easily understood cannot be emphasised enough.

Fact: a recipient of a mailing will take between three and five seconds to decide whether they will fully read, or bin, what they have received.

As a specialist direct marketing agency we offer insert and mailing creation, working from scratch or developing a part-created campaign.  We can also arrange print and insertion, thus offering a true one-stop service and allowing you to concentrate on your business. We will not try and sell you PR, advertising or magazine inserts, because we only do direct marketing and we stick to what we are good at!

Whether you are looking for a simple DL flyer or a complex multi-insert mailing we help companies to:

Get the proposition right – why is the product or service of interest?

Get the message right – short, simple and direct to the point

Call to action – what do we want the customer or recipient to do?

Don’t forget the accompanying letter: a mailing without a letter can look impersonal. A well-written communication will distil your offering and increase the professionalism of your mailing pack, which, in turn, will help boost response rates. Conversely, a badly written letter can confuse or even irritate the recipient!

Business Reply envelopes and cards or Freepost addresses are excellent ways to generate extra response, as all the customer has to do is drop their response in the post. We always strive to make the process of responding as simple as possible!

We also can help with handling the response, despatching brochures and promotional rewards or follow-up telephone calls to make appointments.


Whatever your requirements, contact us at


Business Lists


There are thousands of business lists available, with hundreds of different selections, so finding the right list for a specific campaign can be daunting.  Buying the wrong list can be expensive – both in the cost of production and postage, and in lost sales. We believe in gaining a full understanding of each campaign to help our clients to gain additional leverage and the best possible response levels.

Below are some of the classifications for mailing, telemarketing and e-mail lists that are available from us.  This is not the complete list: if what you require is not here, please send us the details.

New Lists are constantly being added  – Contact us for any type of list you need worldwide at


Environmental Services

International – Worldwide


Executives & Professionals

Jewellery & Gifts

Agriculture & Horticulture

Exhibitions & Conferences

Legal Services


Financial Services & Investment



Food & Drink



Fuel & Power Supplies

Manufacturing & Industry


Furniture & Furnishings

Marketing, Market Research, PR & Sales

Building Materials



Building Services

Government Services




Mining & Minerals

Cleaning Services

Health & Beauty

Motor Trade & Transport

Clothing, Footwear & Accessories

Heating & Ventilation


Clubs, Associations & Societies

Hire Services

Office Supplies & Equipment


Home Decoration  & Improvement


Community & Social Services

Hotel & Catering



Import & Export

Plastics & Rubber





International- Africa

Printing, Paper & Packaging


International – Far East & Australasian

Property Services


International – Latin & South America

Publishing- Books

Electrical & Electronics

International – Middle East

Publishing – Journals & Periodicals


International – USA

Recreation, Leisure & Sport


Scientific & Instrumentation

Timber & Timber Products

Removals, Storage & Warehousing

Shipping & Marine




TV, Radio, Video, Audio Visual & Film

Safety, Security & Fire Equipment



Textiles takes the hassle out of getting bulk mailings out on time.  We can handle mailings from a thousand to a million with little notice.  Our services include personalised letters with colour signatures; envelope printing; enclosing; Mailsort; response handling; and data capture.



A wide of telemarketing services are available from:

Appointment Making

Market Research

Seminar Bookings

Data Cleansing

Data Enhancement




For many companies, getting a mailing out can be a major undertaking. Organising the extra stationery, ordering the envelopes, tying up the office printer for days, inserting the mailer, franking or stamping the envelopes… it is expensive in time and labour.

There is an easier way, which allows you to concentrate on your core activity whilst maintaining full quality control of your mailing. Using relieves the pressure and, in many cases, we can get discounts off the postage that might not otherwise be available to you. has a range of mailing facilities that can handle mailings of 1,000 up to a million. All that is needed is the artwork for the inserts and your letterhead, and we’ll do the rest. At all stages you have complete control and sign off before any work is done.

Mailsort discount is available through Royal Mail registered mailing houses, offering a discount of up to 25% off first or second class letter or packet rates. Additional savings can be achieved because of the pricing structure of Mailsort: the postage cost of conventional mail jumps up in bands as the weight increases. Just one gram extra may push the cost into the next band – typically a minimum jump of 124 per item. With Mailsort, the price increases in a straight line, so it may well be that a mailing weighing, say, 65g on conventional low volume mail would have cost 38p. Using Mailsort, the cost would be 20p – a saving of 18p per item or £180 per 1000.


Through our network of specialist suppliers we offer a full range of mailing services including:


High speed laser printing (A4 and A3)  single and duplex

Four colour laser printing


Envelope design and printing

Insert folding and enclosing by hand or machine

Laser or inkjet envelope printing


Promotional Items packaged and mailed

Publications mailed

Mailsort discount

Response handling

Data capture


The service is for volumes between 2,000 and a million and is suitable for any size of envelope. To get a no obligation, free of charge quotation, or to ask a question, contact us with your question or request at