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Do you want to market your products or services worldwide?

Whether you would like special brochures  designed in any language, or a direct marketing campaign worldwide, or an international website to market your business worldwide, please contact us directly at to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

What if we were to ask you to describe your ideal client? Describe the following about the client of your dreams:

  1. What size company would they be either in terms of employee size or annual sales?
  2. What industry would they be from, or describe what they do?
  3. Where would they be geographically based? Within your own country, state or county? Or within which countries?

Now with that information we can tell you within an hour or so, how many businesses match that description and how much it would cost you to be supplied with that information. We can even supply the names of the CEO/MD/Directors of those companies and their addresses and telephone numbers.  For the information, prices can start as low as £150 Stg /U$300 per thousand company details.

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