More Sales For You.

With an incredibly extensive suite of resources from to help you gain extra sales profitably we probably own some of the most most comprehensive means for new sales in the world.

So whether you are an international business with tens of thousands of employees, a medium sized business with one hundred employees, a small business with a few dozen employees or only a handful of employees, or even just yourself working alone, we have excellent sales services which in many cases will not be charged directly to you at all, as we simply take a small percentage of sales we achieve for you.


Some of our various methods are as follows:

1) Through our government and private registrations, we have access to literally hundreds of new project opportunities worldwide every day. We will pick out any which would be suitable for your business and use your business to fulfill the projects or contracts. We get paid by the project or contract, not directly by you.  This is mostly suitable for businesses from approx 25 employees to thousands of employees.

2) If you have a product which can be sold online, we have our own shopping mall sites and can put your product / products or services on our malls and sell directly for you. You only pay a small percentage of anything we sell for you. You receive a pre-paid order and have to deliver. We pay all site, marketing and credit card costs!  This is suitable for literally any size business from the single person business with only one product to the largest multinational company.

3) We will take on your items to sell through our various sales teams and through our business relationships worldwide. We only take a percentage of anything we achieve in sales for you. This is again suitable for any size business with appropriate products.

4) We set up a targeted sales campaign for your products through direct marketing means.


If you wish to speak to us confidentially about selling your products in any way, please contact us at